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2nd Annual PPGIS Conference Call for Papers

URISA will be holding a conference from July 20-22, 2003 at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon on the subject of public participation GIS. Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) refers to a range of topics raised by the intersection of community interests and GIS technology. The PPGIS Congress will bring together participants with a rich diversity of experience.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology has demonstrated great value in empowering citizen organizations and revitalizing communities. The technology is relatively inexpensive, digital spatial data is increasingly available and the user interfaces are improving. As its use grows and evolves, GIS is being used alone or with other information and communications technologies to improve public knowledge and participation.

Abstracts are being solicited in any of the following presentation topics/categories PPGIS Practice, Monitoring, and Evaluation PPGIS Theory/PPGIScience Data Issues Organizations and Institutions.
All abstract submissions, received by February 7, 2003 will be considered for the program.