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24X7 crime mapping tool for Pinellas County, Florida

Florida, US: Sheriff’s Office and Business Technology Services (BTS), Pinellas County, Florida, unveiled the Crime Viewer website, a mapping programme designed to provide citizens with a 24X7 snapshot of local crime.

“Powered by the county’s GIS database, the Crime Viewer displays reported crimes (burglary, assault, theft and drug possession) on a map, which users can customise based on proximity to an address, or the date or type of offense. The system updates every 24 hours and residents can plot crime data that occurred up to one year in the past,” said Cecilia Barreda, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office.

Numerous municipal police departments collaborated in this effort to contribute data to the new mapping tool. The database is also linked to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s sex offender database, giving citizens access to sex offenders’ photos and addresses, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

In the future, residents will be able to receive crime data through alerts and notifications to their mobile devices and e-mail accounts. But the point of the site is not just to give users access to crime data, but also to provide them with information to make informed decisions.

Source: Government Technology