2019 China Space Conference

2019 China Space Conference


CHINA: As the most authoritative and high-profile event in China’s aerospace field, the Conference, to be held from Apr. 23-29 in Changsha, China, serves as a window for showcasing achievements and a platform for external communication and exchange.

Guided by State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, China National Space Administration and China Association for Science and Technology, organized by Chinese Society of Astronautics and China Space Foundation, the Conference is to be held from Apr. 23-29 in Changsha city, Hunan Province, China. The Conference will bring together representatives of government agencies, experts, scholars, enterprises and investors from all over the world in the space field. More than 150 brand enterprises in the industrial chain will come and contribute to the development of the aerospace industry.

Meanwhile, the Launch Ceremony of 2019 China Space Day Home Event, the United Nations & China Conference on Space Sustainable Development, Industry Exhibition, Technical Forum, Space Science Popularization and other activities will be held at the same time, bringing together leading technologies, development trends and application achievements of the booming aerospace industry at home and abroad in recent years, focusing on military-civilian integration, and promoting exchanges and market cooperation of technology, products and development mode in the aerospace field. The main venue activities of 2019 China Conference Space and relevant activities held at the same time are as follows (the final program shall be subject to the on-site release):

Academic activities: China Space Conference Main Forum, IAA Academician Day Activity, International Conference on the Rule of Law for Emerging Issues in Outer Space, Global View of Commercial Space in China and the United States, Fifth International Conference on the Technology of Small Satellites, International Forum on the Long-term Survival and Work of People on the Lunar Surface, The Technology Development and Prospect Forum of Aircraft Mission Planning, Space Standardization Forum, etc.

Industrial activities: International Forum on Commercial Aerospace Industry, Forum on Integration of China’s Aerospace Industry, Forum on Subtropical Remote Sensing Applications, Symposium on the Branches of China Remote Sensing Application Association, Chinese Space Dream-Aerospace Achievement Exhibition Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China, etc.

Science popularization education: The Third Space Science and Technology Education Alliance Rector Forum, International Forum on Youth Space Education, Space Engineering Education and Production & Education Integration Development Forum, Space Academicians and Experts Visiting Campus, etc.

Cultural and creative activities: Creation and Release of the Theme Song of China Space Day, 2019 China Space Day Theme Promotional Video, Space Creative Flash Museum and Space Dreams to Chase Cultural Show, etc.

As an authoritative, comprehensive and participatory high-profile event in the field of China’s aerospace industry, the Conference is an Annual Major Event in the space field and serves as a window for external communication and exchange. Guided by the principle of domestic based, international oriented, featured with academic prosperity, deep civil-military integration and next aerospace generation cultivation, the Conference is committed to building platforms for high-profile international academic exchanges, civil-military integration, aerospace industrialization cooperation, space culture and science popularization to facilitate China’s space development and serve the well-being of human society.

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