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2006 ESRI award winners announced by ASPRS

10 April 2006: The ASPRS Journal Review Committee announced on April 7, the winners of this year’s ESRI Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS. The First Place winners are Bisheng Yang, Wenzhong Shi, and Qingquan Li for “A Dynamic Method for Generating Multi-Resolution TIN Models”. Second Place goes to Rodolphe Devillers, Yvan Bedard, and Robert Jeansoulin for “Multidimensional Management of Geospatial Data Quality Information for its Dynamic Use Within GIS”. And Third Place was awarded to Xutong Niu, Ruijin Ma, Tarig Ali, and Rongxing Li for “Integration of Mobile GIS and Wireless Technology for Coastal Management and Decision-Making”. Presentation of the awards will take place during the ASPRS 2006 Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada, on Wednesday, May 3rd.