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2006 ASPRS Fellow Award winners

Anthony B. Follett, Barry N. Haack and Lloyd O. Herd (posthumously) have been named the 2006 ASPRS Fellow Award winners. The ASPRS designation of Fellow is conferred on active Society members who have performed exceptional service in advancing the science and use of the mapping sciences (photogrammetry, remote sensing, surveying, geographic information systems, and related disciplines). These awards will be given in May at the ASPRS 2006 Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada.

The designation of Fellow is awarded for professional excellence and for service to the Society. Candidates are nominated by other active members, recommended to the Fellows Committee, and elected by the ASPRS Board of Directors. Up to 0.3 percent of the Society’s active members may be elected as Fellows in any one year. The nominees must have made outstanding contributions in a recognized Society specialization whether in practice, research, development, administration, or education in the mapping sciences.

Anthony B. Follett is the co-founder of the current AeroMetric, Inc. (dba AeroMap U.S.) group of companies and is Senior V.P. and Division Manager. Follett’s career spans more than 30 years in the field of photogrammetry covering a whole range of experience.
Barry Haack is a professor of Geographic and Cartographic Sciences at George Mason University (GMU), in Fairfax, Virginia. Haack has been on the Geography Faculty at GMU for 20 years and has broad experience in technology transfer and the application of remote sensing. LLOYD O. HERD (Posthumously) was a 1935 graduate of The Ohio State University in Civil Engineering and was a professional engineer and surveyor. A member of the ASP/ASPRS since 1937, Herd actively contributed to the Society by continued interest and involvement with the development of photogrammetric applications, support of the Society by publication reviews and, as Chief of Aerial Engineering (ODOT), provided financial /job support for students of photogrammetry as they attended The Ohio State University.