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2005 Europe Postal and Administrative digital maps available

GfK MACON is now supplying the new 2005 version of the digital map edition “Europe Postal and Administrative”. The 2004 map set has been completely revised and expanded to include additional, detailed map levels for Romania and Bulgaria. The Europe Edition comprises the postal and administrative territories of all European countries including Turkey. These territories are supplemented by a large selection of topographical map layers, such as roads, railway lines, city areas and elevations. The maps are provided as vector data in the standard GIS formats. All map objects are fully inscribed and include the national as well as the international terminology and characters where necessary.

The complete postcode maps of Romania and Bulgaria are an entirely new and exclusive addition to the Europe Edition 2005. The latter are attributed in Cyrillic as well as Latin characters. The four-digit postcodes of Bulgaria subdivide the country into 4,696 delivery areas, while the six-digit postcodes in Romania produce an even finer grid with 14,150 different areas. Thus, a very fine differentiation of corporate data is now possible in these countries, too. In addition to this, many changes have been made to the existing maps. Due to territorial reforms, more than 3,000 territorial units have been newly formed or dissolved throughout Europe in the last twelve months alone. There were also countless boundary shifts and name changes. GfK MACON in Germany has been a provider of Geomarketing solutions since 1991.