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2005 ASPRS Fellow award winner

Lawrence R. Pettinger has been named the ASPRS 2005 Fellow Award winner. The ASPRS designation of Fellow is conferred on active Society members who have performed exceptional service in advancing the science and use of the mapping sciences(photogrammetry, remote sensing, surveying, geographic information systems and related disciplines). This award will be given in March at the ASPRS 2005 Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

The designation of Fellow is awarded for professional excellence and for service to the Society. Candidates are nominated by other active members, recommended to the Fellows Committee, and elected by the ASPRS Board of Directors. Up to 0.3 percent of the Society’s active members may be elected as Fellows in any one year. The nominee must have made outstanding contributions in a recognized Society specialization whether in practice, research, development, administration, or education in the mapping sciences. Members of the Fellows Committee and the Executive Committee are ineligible for nomination.

Larry Pettinger has 35 years of experience in remote sensing research and operational applications (land use, wetlands, forestry, and wildlife management), program development and coordination, and technology transfer. As a remote sensing scientist and a senior member of the Land Remote Sensing Program staff at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Headquarters in Reston, Virginia, he represents USGS in developing national and international remote sensing programs and policies. Recent activities include revision of U.S. National Space Policy, USGS support of the NASA Earth Observing-1 satellite Science Validation Team, and review of applications to NOAA for licenses to operate commercial remote sensing satellites.