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2004 Mapping the News Conference

Journalists, geographers, and mapping experts will convene at the 2004 Mapping the News conference on May 14–15, 2004, to explore how geographic understanding, information, and new mapping technologies combine to enhance the world of media and the news. The conference, held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., will feature numerous presentations including a special session on new ways of mapping elections.

The conference is a joint forum to discuss how understanding a place, its culture, demographics, geography, and history make telling the story of news more vivid, engaging, and understandable. Attendees will take part in sessions, speaker presentations, and technical training on topics related to using maps and geography to achieve greater depth and relevance in reporting, with a focus on current news topics and cutting edge media applications.

A conference EXPO will offer participants the chance to discover the latest in integrated GIS services; earth observation tools; a variety of governmental, nongovernmental, and commercial data; GIS applications for the media industry; software application tools; consulting services; and much more. Scheduled events also include hands-on media mapping workshops, a luncheon at the Press Club, and an evening reception at the National Geographic Society’s Explorers Hall.

The conference is sponsored by the Association of American Geographers, the National Geographic Society, and ESRI.