Home News 2 US satellite companies help map tsunami impact

2 US satellite companies help map tsunami impact

Two Colorado satellite companies are producing images of the tsunami that hit Asia on Sunday for possible use in relief efforts. Space Imaging in Thornton and DigitalGlobe in Longmont, two of the nation’s largest remote-sensing satellite companies, have taken pictures for government agencies and others.

Local governments, other agencies and construction companies could use satellite images to assess damaged areas and rebuild, said DigitalGlobe spokesman Chuck Herring.

Space Imaging’s Ikonos satellite and DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite both have provided images of Sri Lanka. Space Imaging’s shot was taken Tuesday; DigitalGlobe’s was taken when the tsunami hit. Satellite photos of other stricken areas also are being sold by the companies. Plans include producing images of India, Thailand and parts of Indonesia.

Image Source: Digital Globe