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192.com to provide mapping service covering whole of UK

UK, 20 June 2006: 192.com will be launching an online mapping service on June 26, covering the whole of the UK. The service will cover every street in the country. The mapping technology deployed by 192.com merges mapping and aerial photography in a flash format when zooming in and out. The web site will be licensing the mapping technology to business users following its launch on June 26th.

Dominic Blackburn, 192.com technology director, said, “Our aeriel photography covers the whole of the UK in a much better quality than you can get anywhere else on the Internet.” He says this will provide a range of benefits and uses from insurance companies looking at risks to buildings and property developers.

He also said that the biggest challenge was to develop something better than Google maps.‘We opted to use a flash client to make sure we were able to operate on any sort of platform and browser compared with Google’s which only operates on three or four of the major browsers,’ he said. He added that another challenge was the ‘huge terabytes of data’ that the web site has to organise. The site includes the highest resolution arial photography on the web. Arial photography on the site has one metre per pixel resolution for the whole of the UK and 25 cm pixel resolution for key urban areas.