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192.com launches online mapping service

3 July 2006 – Online directory 192.com has launched a free mapping service featuring aerial photography and mouse drag-based navigation. 192.com Maps gives users interactive mechanism for viewing the most advanced mapping and aerial photography on the Internet for free.

The service, developed in Flash, allows users to drag maps around and zoom in and out with animation between zoom levels. The flash component allows 192.com, or other businesses, to overlay objects on the maps, such as 10 nearest cash points or 10 nearest restaurants. These objects can contain text, images, animations and sounds to bring the maps alive.

192.com Maps has created the maps from Ordnance Survey data, which show every street that exists in the Ordnance Survey data on the map. In addition, the service features high resolution aerial photography for Great Britain, with 1m resolution for the whole of Great Britain and 25cm resolution for key urban areas.

The company said this is a higher resolution overall than that offered by Google Maps, which it said offers 25cm resolution in some major cites, only offering low resolution satellite photography for the rest of the UK.