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15 year anniversary discounts for

TALtech announced special discounts to celebrate 15 years of the “Wedge” data collection software product line. From October 15 to November 15, 2003 receive a 15% discount on any “Wedge” order by giving the code WEDGE15. The latest versions include:
WinWedge® 32 Standard v3.0 – for data collection from RS232 devices into 32 bit Windows applications. $259.
WinWedge® 32 Pro v3.0 – supports more sophisticated data collection and control than the standard version. $495.
TCP-WedgeTM – for TCP/IP data collection into Windows applications. $495.
CE-WedgeTM – for RS232 data collection into Window CE handheld PCs. $129.
BC-WedgeTM – for collecting bar code scanner data into PC applications. $99.