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14th IIRS Outreach Course concludes in Aligarh, India

The Department of Geology at the Aligarh Muslim University recently concluded 14th Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) Outreach Course, a distance learning programme, held in collaboration with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). About 99 teachers and research scholars along with students of Geology, Remote Sensing, Geography, Botany, Economics, Computer Science and Agriculture participated in the 14th IIRS Outreach Course.

The programme on 'Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Natural Resources,’ gave a platform to faculty members at IIRS, Dehradun to interact with fellow participants and deliver lectures on various aspects of Remote Sensing and GIS applications.

Scientists and experts from IIRS and ISRO talked about topics such as RS & GIS application in Flood Inundation, mapping, monitoring and management and RS & GIS application in hydrogeological modeling, climate change impact on hydrogeological regime by application in irrigation water management and in soil erosion modeling & watershed prioritiation, mineralexploration, Hyperspectral Image analysis soil moisture, ecosystem, degraded land mapping, forest growing, wildlife habitat evaluation forest fire risk, oceanography, coastal hazards satellite meteorology 3D GIS for urban development and urban green spaces were covered by the eminent IIRS and ISRO scientists.

The course was concluded with the Guest lecture of Prof George Vosselman, ITC, Netherlands on ‘Segmentation of very large point clouds for 3D topographical database.

Source: NVO News