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iBaaN routepro GIS for solving problem of logistics

The problem of logistics is mostly about bringing efficiencies in the supply of goods and products and managing supply chain issues. But here is a logistics solution with a difference – one geared towards ‘people-logistics’.

A situation in a big company, with over 5,000 employees, operates in the technology space. It supports mission-critical applications for global corporations, day in and day out, shift after shift, round the clock. Its people have to be on the dot to provide the best service to a diverse clientele. So what is to be done? This need is best addressed by a custom-designed e-logistics application that helps move people efficiently.

The iBaaN routepro is a GIS-based digitised map software solution that ensures a timely and effective planning of cost effective routes keeping in view the shift schedules.
This was developed by a firm named BaaN India. The Baan India logistics solutions are used by 28 per cent of the Fortune 500 and other companies worldwide, but the use of the route optimisation product, iBaaN Routepro for employee logistics, is unique and the first of its kind in the world. It started with American Express about seven months ago and now it also has Convergys and Spectramind as their customers.

iBaaN have tasted phenomenal success with this application, and organisations with a large workforce that provide employee pick-ups and drops. Wipro Spectramind, third-party provider of BPO (business process outsourcing) services, is a full spectrum service provider and operates from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. It is in the process of commissioning another centre in Belapur. This is an industry space where customer satisfaction is directly related to the quality of service one provides. And it is also a process-driven industry, the movement between processes and re-training for different processes leads to frequent shift changes or even call traffic fluctuations.

Spectramind saw a phenomenal influx of new employees into the organisation and with the workforce base growing perpetually; it faced difficulty managing the database of employees residing in diverse locations, particularly in employee transportation. The transportation system was manually controlled. This created a lot of operational and cost issues that ultimately was reflected in the revenues of the company. The employees, wherever they may be placed, can be scheduled to be picked up and dropped from their doorstep to reach the workplace and vice-versa. The solution enabled Spectramind to make better utilisation of vehicles. Unlike the earlier situation, vehicles now need to traverse predefined areas eliminating the need to cover huge geographical areas.

The package also charts the optimal route mix for the vehicles, which enables maximum number of employee pick-up and drops, the main parameters used for selecting the routes being least travel time and cost. Since the vehicles are rented out, the package also developed the functionality of calculating the optimal route distance. This eliminated overcharging of vehicle rentals, based on the distance travelled, by various agencies hired for transporting employees. A key aspect of the whole thing was that since the route was optimised, it eliminated monotony among employees caused due to long travel times after a hard day’s work.

Besides the apparent benefits that Spectramind derived, the incremental costs that come with any software implementation were low as the software could run using the existing hardware infrastructure. This is primarily due to the fact that the software is database-independent and has high interoperability. This interoperability prompted Spectramind to integrate it with the company’s workflow management solution. And it is also helpful for women employees. The software addresses issues of importance to women juggling homes and careers, and working odd hours and shifts. The solution ensures that women employees are not the first ones to be picked up or the last ones to be dropped. What was earlier a work of hours is just a few computer clicks away now.

Besides geocoding, the data is now less cumbersome as iBaan Routepro comes with a digitized map of the entire city with detailing up to the house and street numbers. This enables drivers to easily find their way and saves a lot of time and travel-related overheads. It also offers the functionality of rescheduling.

Reference and Source:
V. Rishi Kumar