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120-year-old land data to go online in Gujarat, India

Gandhinagar, India: Soon, the 120-year-old Index-II register data meant for keeping historical and time records of all land plots and properties will be available online. It will help citizens in enquiring the legal status of a particular land plot or property.
According to Diligent Media (DNA) report, Gujarat state government has initiated an ambitious project of preparing digital record of the last 125 years’ data of Index-II registers. All records and documents registered since 1885, running into more than 30 million pages, have been preserved in handwritten/printed and micro-film format in sub-registrar offices under the control of Inspector General of Registration. As it is archival record, it needs to be preserved for a long time by digitisation.

Post-1960 data of Index-II registers are available in micro-films, while pre-1960 data are in ledger formats which are still comparatively well-preserved. This task needs to be very accurate as these are legal documents. Therefore, we have put many checks in the process and senior revenue officers are monitoring the project. The initial cost is estimated at INR 22.5 million. The state government is hopeful of finishing the work by year-end, or latest before March 2011.

The government has also initiated a scheme to create a modern, comprehensive and transparent Land Records Management System, to introduce resurvey in entire state and to computerise revenue record, so as to get digitised maps and survey records.

In order to carry out resurvey work in Jamnagar, Patan, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Anand, Sabarkantha, Rajkot and Kutch districts, create modern record rooms and to provide land survey, equipments like electronic total station machine and global positioning machine will be installed in these districts soon, said the sources.

Source: Diligent Media