GWF2014: Geospatial World Awards 2014 honours the best of the industry

    GWF2014: Geospatial World Awards 2014 honours the best of the industry


    Geneva: At the Geospatial World Awards 2014, Geospatial Media and Communications honoured the best works and minds of the industry by conferring 14 excellence awards, 10 leadership awards, 5 policy awards and 8 innovation awards.

    The awards jury, comprised of Prof. Fraser Taylor, Distinguished Research Professor at Carleton University; Aida Opoku Mensah, Director, ICT, Science and Technology Division at the United Nations; Matt O'Connell, President of MOC Partners; Prof. Henk Scholten, CEO of Geodan and Scientific Director of the SPINlab at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; and David Schell, Chairman of the Open Geospatial Consortium.

    And the winners are:

    Excellence Awards


    Name of Project


    e-Pest Surveillance and Advisory System


    NATHAN Risk Suite


    COMCOL Platform: ICT for Social Accountability in Ghana

    Public Safety

    Safe City Monitoring System

    Disaster Monitoring

    Incident Command GIS System for Improved Disaster Relief and Emergency Rescue

    Environment Monitoring

    Rural Environmental Cadastre – CAR

    Law Enforcement

    Green Wave Operation – Indicator of future deforestation in the Amazon


    Person trip Data Browser and Space-Time visualiser

    Environment Monitoring

    Noise Watch mobile app

    Business Intelligence

    GNAF in 2013

    Infrastructure Management

    3D modelisation for the Transports Publics Genevois

    Infrastructure Planning

    LINZ – Data Service

    Cadastral Survey



    Western China Mapping

    Geospatial World Innovation Awards were given for technological innovations in the domain which are resulting in better product deliveries and in delivering results in the most resource efficient manner. The awards not only honoured the implementing agency or organisation but also the developer of the required technology; thereby, encouraging investment and development of the geospatial Industry.

    Innovation Awards


    Name of the Project



    Automatic Generalisation of Topographic Maps’

    Kadaster, The Netherlands

    Mobile Mapping

    Georeferenced 360o video

    Horus View & Explore B.V. , The Netherlands

    LiDAR Mapping Systems

    RIEGL LMS-Q780

    RIEGL LMS Gmbh, Austria

    Big Data

    Dutch Satellite Data Portal

    Netherlands Space Office

    Astrium Services, GEO-Information Division





    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

    Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging

    ‘CZMIL: Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging Lidar

    Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory

    US Army Corps of Engineers


    Optech, Inc. USA


    GEOSS Brokering Framework

    National Research Council, Italy

    3D Terrestrial LiDAR Scanner

    Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330

    FARO Technologies Inc, Germany

    The Leadership Awards for the year 2013 were conferred by Geospatial World, the Premier Geospatial Industry Magazine, to ten outstanding professionals and organisations who have made a significant contribution to the domain in the past year and taken the industry several notches high.

    Leadership Awards


    Attendee with Designation

    Geospatial Technology Company 2013: Snowflake Software

    Ian Painter, CEO, Snoflake Software and Peter Woodsford MBE

    Geospatial Content Company 2013: Planet Labs Inc.

    Josh Alban

    Planet Labs

    VP, Business Development

    Geospatial Solutions Company 2013: eLEAF

    Ad Bastiaansen, Co-founder eLEAF and Chair, Waterwatch Foundation

    Geospatial Strategic Merger 2013: Telenav – sKobbler

    Steve Coast

    Geospatial Business Hub: Gavle and Gavleborg Region, Sweden

    Johan Bang


    Therese Öhman


    Future Position X

    National Geospatial Information Agency 2013

    Vincent Hoong, Chief Executive, Singapore Land Authority

    Geospatial Business Leader 2013

    Bryn Fosburgh, Vice President, Trimble Navigation Ltd.

    Geospatial Entrepreneur 2013

    Steve Coast., Founder OSM and CloudMade.

    Geospatial Ambassador

    Geoff Zeiss, former Director Autodesk and founder of Between the Poles.

    Lifetime Achievement

    Dr. Carl Reed, CTO, OGC

    The Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred to Dr. Carl Reed. Dr. Reed has been associated with geospatial industry for more than three decades and has provided leadership in multiple capacities. Early in his career, Dr. Reed designed and implemented the first fully interactive vector based GIS, the Map Overlay and Statistical System (MOSS). As early as 1977, he was the lead engineer and software developer in the design and development of GenaMap, the world's first interactive UNIX based commercial GIS. Dr. Reed has and continues to play a decisive role in framing the future of the geospatial industry through his membership and presence on a vast number of governmental and corporate bodies, where his singular aim is the development of the geospatial industry.

    The Geospatial World Policy Awards were presented to organisations for exemplary formulation and implementation of geospatial policies which directly or indirectly encourage the geospatial industry.

    Policy Awards

    Name of the Project


    4th Rwanda Population & Housing Census

    National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda

    Land Administration, Valuation and Information

    Management System (LAVIMS

    Ministry of Housing and Lands, Mauritius



    3D Ethics Charter

    3D Ethics Charter Committee, Switzerland

    ‘Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM)’

    DOST, Philippines


    National Engineering Center,

    University of the Philippines – Diliman Network and Centres of Excellence

    for Geomedia in Education and Training’

    European Commission

    European Centre of Excellence, Salzburg


    European Association of Geographers

    The awards were conferred during the Awards Night and Gala Dinner function of Geospatial World Forum 2014.