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    • Go green and gain efficiency
      More than ever, IT and GIS companies are facing the need to address the environmental issues arising out of power consumption and cooling…
      Subram Natrajan
    • More than a pretty picture
      Sophisticated software, algorithms and computer calculations apart, the output of about 80% of all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Aided-Design (CAD) …
    • Off the core GIS… peripherals
      Not only applications that are coming up all and sundry (thanks to neogeographers et al), GIS domain is maturing up to some accessories’ inventions that serve…
    • From building capacity to building on capacity
      The Grote Kerk in Enschede resounded to the strains of the organ as the academic procession of the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth…
      Prof. Arup Dasgupta
    • Assessing SDI readiness in Pakistan
      For more than a century, humanity has started showing concern for the future of our planet. Natural resources like water reservoirs, forests, oil and gas fields have drawn attention of governments all over the world due to their limited capacity on the one hand and their rapid consumption on the other hand. This situation is a matter of great concern for countries like Pakistan which depend more on natural resources than on industry for its economy…
      Asmat Ali
    • SoI kicks off 1:50K digital maps release
      Having generated digital data of over 5000 topographical maps…
    • Inference Network in Environmental Mapping
      Environmental quality assessment is essential for urban development. Rapid urbanisation has made it all the more essential now than before. But there is dearth of appropriate techniques to assess urban environment quality (UEQA). Here is a technique that is feasible, flexible and valid….
      Anshu Gupta, Vivek Dey, Alok Choudhary