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    March 2009

    March 2009

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      • 3D has designs on urban modelling
        The world is facing serious challenges including climate change, aging infrastructure, shrinking workforce and lagging productivity…
        Geoff Zeiss


      • Integration – key to optimisation
        We are entering increasingly difficult times – a depressed economy worldwide and the certainty of higher costs for materials and energy as our natural resources are depleted…
        Louis Hecht


    • Future belongs to total solution
      The survey engineering and construction industries are poised for dramatic, positive change. To keep up with overwhelming demand for new infrastructure in the face of a limited workforce, construction firms are tasked with making major changes….
      Craig R. Dylan
    • Microstation V8i – Up close and personal
      It is important to speak with users, go to user conferences, interact with users online and meet with prospective users before deciding what to include in a release, particularly a release as comprehensive as V8i. Bentley surveys the competition, talks to programmers and comes up with a matrix…
      Keith Bentley