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    • Going Open in WebGIS
      Jason Lee, Wei Lee, Woon
      Adopting an open standard is one of the solutions but are the current open source libraries and software sufficiently mature to be used for web mapping applications? An extensive review was conducted and the findings are presented in this paper….
    • Digital Surface Model (DSM) Construction and Flood Hazard Simulation for Development Plans in Naga City, Philippines
      Muhammad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman
      Recent development in hydrodynamic modelling requires accurate and detailed terrain model. The paper presents an example of assessing the impact of developments on changes in flood behaviours in Naga City, the Philippines. The elevation data is constructed through integrating various elevation data derived from many sources…
    • Airborne Lidar Surveys For Lage-Scale Mapping
      Dr. Réjean Simard, Pierre Bélanger
      The fact that large-scale maps can be produced with airborne LiDAR in much shorter time periods than with conventional methods makes it an ideal tool for mapping highly dynamic environments such as urban areas…


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