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    July 2009

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    Theme: Africa Unite



    • Of road blocks and building blocks
      Uptake of GI in Africa requires concerted efforts to provide enabling environment to ensure that geospatial info permeates every aspect of society…
      Olajide Kufoniyi
    • Mapping Africa for Africa
      Lack of political will, financial capability and skilled manpower – African nations are battling out all odds to unite geodetically…
      Dr Derek Clarke
    • Together as one
      The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) is an inter-governmental organisation established under the auspices of UN Economic Commission of Africa (ECA) and the African Union…
    • Training to combat
      In 2003, the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) was launched to combat global HIV/AIDS – the largest commitment by any nation to combat a single disease in history…
      Dorina Maris
    • Collaborate to reach out
      HIV/AIDS is major public health concern in many countries in Africa. Making sure that people in need of HIV/AIDS care get access to treatment in an equitable way requires taking several parameters into account, making planning decisions sometimes difficult…
      Ebener S.
    • South Africa: On a growth path with GIS
      South Africa has always been more progressive than other African countries in terms of use of ICT. In 1980s, South Africa was characterised by a general lack of awareness in national and provincial governmental departments regarding what spatial data was available as well as what capabilities GIS offered in practice…
      Anamika Das

    Surveyor General Speak

    • One for the road
      While one is struggling with manual techniques of surveying, the other uses a vast array of latest technologies. While one fights the lack of political will and financial capability, his neighbour is totally motivated. While one is opening eyes to the idea of SDI, the other is far ahead in the race. Yet, they are all together – discussing the issues, building bridges, sharing experiences and expertise. Associate Editor Bhanu Rekha spoke to Surveyor Generals of African nations to know the status of geoinformation, challenges and opportunities in their respective countries. Read on to know more…


    • Dr Derek Clarke
      Chief Director
      Surveys and Mapping Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
      South Africa