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    February 2009

    February 2009

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    Theme: For a sustainable Earth



      • Dynamics of Change
        Change is the only constant – though an old adage, is quite relevant in the present context. In the backdrop of economic gloom and audacity of hope, it is important to take stock of where we stand, count our blessings and assess the challenges…
        Sanjay Kumar, Bhanu Rekha


      • Are we going around a circle?
        It has been almost half a century since the first GIS, the Canadian Geographic Information System (CGIS), became operational. CGIS was developed with the objective to build and maintain a land inventory of the vast Canadian territory so that the gov…
        Prof David W. Wong


      • Mapping human impacts for conservation planning
        The main drivers of environmental change and loss of biodiversity can be attributed to human impacts – habitat clearing and degradation, pollution, fragmentation, hunting, exploitation and land conversion, to name a few (Mace et al., 1998)…
        Aurélie C. Shapiro