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    December 2009

    December 2009

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    Theme: Beckoning a Digital Malaysia



      Theme – Geospatial for Lifestyle

    • Dial geospatial for lifestyle
      What was originally developed as a military tool has today become a lifestyle statement. GPS has turned into a lifestyle tool for those who like to flaunt the latest gadgets with the newest technologies.
      Chhandita Chakravarty
    • Photo Feature: Living it up with GPS
    • Special Focus – Malaysia
      A motivated government, asking-for-more user community and ready-to-cash-in-on industry together have created an environment of synergy in Malaysia essential for the exponential growth of geospatial with a promise of ‘Digital Malaysia’

    • Mature Malaysia
      Being the face of geospatial, data providers – including national mapping agencies, satellite imagery providers and other spatial data providers – constitute the hub of geospatial activity in a country.
      Bhanu Rekha
    • Industry – Cashing in on awareness
      Data providers are euphoric about the status of the availability of geospatial data in the country and the initiatives they have been taking to raise the level of utility of geospatial technologies.
      Bhanu Rekha
    • Users – Vouching by GIS
      A variety of users including government departments, utilities and infrastructure providers across Malaysia have woken up to the significance of geospatial technologies and are vouching bytheir efficacy.
    • Research and NGOs – Reaching out with GIS
      Having woken up to the significance of geospatial databases, research community in Malaysia is gearing up to adopt and adapt to these technologies.
      Bhanu Rekha