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    • Leading Singapore on growth path
      From a tiny dot with barely any natural resources, Singapore has catapulted itself from Third World to First World in just one generation. Among other things, it is now the world’s top logistics hub, fifth largest foreign exchange trading centre, third largest oil-refining centre, one of SouthEast Asia (SEA)’s main financial services and investment hubs…
      Vincent Hoong
    • ESRI Singapore: Leveraging strengths to grow
      ESRI Singapore is strategically placed with strong political and excellent ICT infrastructure necessary for the growth and proliferation of GIS technology among different ministries and agencies…
    • On a high with HDS
      Singapore has gone hi-tech with Leica Geosystems high definition surveying technology. Here is a sample…
    • The legal angle of geo-info
      Location based services are provided for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, are used for a variety of purpose and a range of legal rules impact them. Read on to know more…
      Dr. Colette Cuijpers
    • Of strengths and gaps in Germany
      In May 2008, the company MICUS presented a new GI market study, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry on Economics and Technology, with the title “Prospects for business models of German companies in the European and global geo-information market” (Fornefeld et al, 2008). .
      Dipl.-Ing.Heinz Brüggemanniter
    • Online Maps – Opportunity or threat?
      Google, Yahoo, Bing, Rediff, Big – the list of online map providers goes on. Here’s a peek into the scope of use and misuse of these maps
      Pratiksha Singh
    • Geo-ICT in public governance (Web Exclusive)
      Geo-ICT is hailed in geo-community as crucial for the improvement of governance processes. But, how is geo-ICT actually used in public governance processes? What are the implications for geo-informatics education when the focus is on ‘geo-ICT in use’
      Yola Georgiadou and Gianluca Miscione