Researchers create commute maps of US’ megaregions

A team of researchers has created maps of the United States' contiguous megaregions -- clusters of interconnected cities -- by studying the commutes of American...

These maps show world’s largest arms exporters and importers

Today, December 10, is the Human Rights Day. As armed violence across the world rose drastically through 2015-2016, arms trade is increasingly being seen...




The New ArcGIS 10.5 Release Transforms Enterprise and Web GIS

It's incredibly interesting to see the work that ArcGIS technology empowers our users to do. Their projects are fascinating because they are taking on...
DigitalGlobe Atmospheric Compensation

Let’s clear the air – DigitalGlobe Atmospheric Compensation (AComp)

All satellite imagery is affected at some level by light-wave scattering and absorption from haze, water vapor, and particulates in the atmosphere. Every optical satellite...


Geospatial Corporation successfully maps underground pipelines

US: Geospatial Corporation has recently announced that it has successfully completed over 50 pipeline mapping projects under its recently introduced quality assurance locational integrity...