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Story Maps: Bringing storytelling and mapping together

Mapping and the art of storytelling both date back to antiquity. Cartographers have illuminated us, expanded our horizons, helped in better understanding of our...

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2017

The dramatic debut of index-based flood insurance in India Smallholder farmers in India’s flood-prone Bihar State can recite a long history of broken promises from...

What is the difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed...

The Bentley Year in Infrastructure last week naturally witnessed a lot of talk about reality modelling and reality mesh.  And a lot of times,...

New Views: Maps that feature our world like never before

Professor of social geography at Newcastle University, Alastair Bonnett, recently published a unique collection of fifty maps that visualize, measure, and map our physical,...
Hybrid View

A square GIS in a round world

Data analysts and geo-specialists, seeking to perform visual analytics on their geospatial and geotemporal data sets often struggle with the same problem:  neither their...

How precisely accurate is your geo-intelligence?

Location data is an important source of real-world context and geo-insights for many industry verticals. Market research pundits are projecting USD $20 Billion will...
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Infographics: What are the various applications of Blockchain?

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Surveying Instruments And Technology

Book Review: Surveying Instruments And Technology

  One would imagine that a technology like surveying, being so old, would not have been touched by modern technology. Well, such an assumption...

Is the wearable market stagnant? Or just shifting focus

Even though there is some interest amongst consumers to purchase wearable devices in the future, there is a sign of weakness in the...
railway infrastructure

FARO assists in India’s first R&D project to modernize country’s railway infrastructure

The importance of having the right equipment for a job cannot be underestimated. In a surveying and mapping project, the access to advanced 3D...

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