This Esri map shows all satellites in orbit

There are about 1,400 satellites up in space orbiting Earth monitoring the planet from their vantage point. But the space around Earth is actually...

Trump views on Climate Change has no bearing on NASA-ISRO satellite

Millions of people are looking forward to the first bilateral meeting between Indian PM Modi and US President Donald Trump. Generally, such meetings are...



Know about DIAL – Its mission and founding pillars

In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Syed Raza, Director, Data of Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) talks about the company and explains its founding...

Know how aWhere provides weather information to boost agriculture productivity

In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World,  Brian L. Soliday, Chief Revenue Office of aWhere talks about company's profile. Brian also discusses how this...



Radiant.Earth leverages public and commercial business models states Anne Hale Miglarese

When and why Radiant was set up? The world has a plethora of open data that is difficult if not impossible to discover, let alone...
Geo-data democratization

Geo-data democratization – Time to unlock it !

Every morning as one steps out there is a bizarre feeling that creeps in – Problems, challenges, and issues all around. Be it civic...


GeoWrap: Voyager launches VoyagerODN; Trimble launches VRS Now and others

Ordnance Survey to map out greener communities at NWG Innovation Festival UK: To identify ways of improving the environment, Ordnance Survey has invited a group...
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