Here is the BlackSky Constellation orbits – Image: Blacksky Global

Why BlackSky Global Pathfinder 1 launched by ISRO will revolutionize EO...

BlackSky Global Pathfinder 1, which is expected to revolutionize earth imaging, was among the eight satellites launched into orbit by ISRO on September 26. More about BlackSky Global...

Google’s self-driving car met in crash in California’s Mountain View

In what could be a big shock for the autonomous cars industry, search engine giant Google’s self-driving car met in a serious crash in...



GNSS applications

Now Open for Business: Asia, Europe & GNSS applications

GNSS in Asia is booming. But which sectors are showing the most potential in the next five years? And which ones are most open...
UN-GGIM International Forum

All Eyes on Malaysia: The UN-GGIM International Forum

  Datuk Ahmad Fauzi bin Nordin, Director General of Department of Surveying and Mapping, Malaysia (JUPEM) explains why you need to be in Malaysia next...


Calgary Police to use GPS dropping devices to track fleeing drivers

Canada: The Calgary state police of Canada will use Batman-like devices to remotely hurl GPS tracking chips on fleeing vehicles to track them. The...

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