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Importance of situational awareness in combat

‘Situational Awareness(SA)’ or being aware of location is paramount in almost every sphere of life. One of the most important areas where situational awareness can...
free satellite images for investigative journalists

10 places to get free satellite images for investigative journalists

Satellite images are powerful tools for discovery and analysis, plus provide vivid illustrations. There is real potential for investigative journalists to make greater use...

Xalt gives a powerboost to Ola Rollen’s vision of connected world

Hexagon is making inroads into the connected world in a big way. This was quite evident in HxGN Live when Ola Rollen mentioned Xalt...

Machine learning in location-intelligence technology

Almost everyone today uses some form of machine learning unintentionally. Several algorithms support the search features of Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The same goes for...
Rainfall Forecasting Data

Empowering agricultural decision makers with improved rainfall forecasting data

The timing and onset of rainfall are crucial for hundreds of thousands of farmers in the developing world when sowing, fertilizing and harvesting crops. Unpredictability...
Monitoring Iraq’s conflict humanitarian impact – The refugee camp of Hammam Al-Alil

Monitoring Iraq conflict’s humanitarian impact with satellite imagery

Monitoring the evolution of wars and conflicts, the damage they produce on different aspects such as the environment, heritage sites and infrastructures, as well...

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The Power of Where

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Indian geospatial economy value at INR 20,629 cr or $3.07 billion

The Indian geospatial economy value is INR 20,629 crore (100 crore is 1 billion; $3.07 billion) and it employs over 250,000 people across the...
gis and mapping

GIS-Powered irrigation: the secret ingredient for yummy Thai food

Accurate mapping of geographic and geologic features of farmlands is enabling scientists and farmers to create more effective and efficient farming techniques, leading to...
location intelligence, spatial analytics

Integration of location intelligence, spatial analytics leading to informed decisions

With organizations now focusing on the where of things, the integration of spatial analysis and location intelligence is on everyone’s mind. This integration is...
power of maps

Maps provide agencies with the power to act

Preparedness protocols were severely tested during Hurricane Katrina. What could agencies within Louisiana learn in the aftermath of the storm, and how could that...
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