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    WorldView-4 Satellite from DigitalGlobe launch doing September 2016

    WorldView-4 is the next generation satellite from DigitalGlobe, to compliment the capabilities of WorldView-3. This satellite is scheduled to be launched on SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA.

    Technical Info on WorldView-4

    • Accuracy: Geolocation accuracy (CE90) – <4 m CE90 without ground control
    • Orbit: Sun-synchronous orbit, altitude = 617 km, LTDN at 10:30 hours, effective revisit time capability ≤ 3 days
    • Resolution:  31 cm in panchromatic resolution and 1.24 m in multispectral resolution from an orbit of 617 km
    • Observation capacity: Will collect 680,000 km2 of imagery per day