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    Global business newsrooms are abuzz with rumours on MDA planning to buy DigitalGlobe. But there are some serious hurdles.DigitalGlobe, of Longmont, Colorado, USA, is a commercial vendor of space imagery and geospatial content, and operator of civilian remote sensing spacecraft. The earth observation company went public on the New York Stock Exchange on 14 May 2009, selling 14.7 million shares at $19.00 each to raise $279 million in capital.

    DigitalGlobe is the industry-leading provider of Earth imagery and information about our changing planet, and a trusted partner to both governments and commercial customers. The company operates with a clear Purpose—Seeing a Better World™—which drives the business and galvanizes its employees around the world. DigitalGlobe’s unclassified and shareable imagery now serves hundreds of thousands of end-users across the U.S. government and its allies charged with the safety and security of nations, and enables the maps and geospatial applications relied on by billions of consumers. With best-in-class imagery, a global ground infrastructure, and accessible Geospatial Big Data platform on which hundreds of applications can be run against a 15-plus year time-lapse library of imagery, DigitalGlobe makes the unseen, seeable. The company’s wealth of imagery and data makes it possible for customers to see the Earth in new ways, extract unique insights, and implement new solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.

    On 5 October 2017, MDA has completed its acquisition of DigitalGlobe.