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How Facebook is attempting to circumvent GDPR

The social media giant is attempting to circumvent GDPR by shifting users outside the EU who would now be governed by Facebook Inc. in...

USGS encourages citizen participation, highlights Dr. Virginia Burkett

The knowledge that sea level is going to accelerate over the coming decade is important for policymakers planning structures like hospitals, roads and the...



An Intersection of Art and Science on the Space Station

The Window Observational Research Facility ( WORF) Rack is a unique facility designed for use with the US Lab Destiny Module research quality window....

NASA’s Worldview celebrates 18 years of Earth Data 2000-2018

WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE Detailed views of volcanoes fuming, hurricanes flooding, dams being built, and wildfires sweeping across landscapes are just some of the data...
active and passive remote sensingvideo

What is Active and Passive Remote Sensing?

There are two types of remote sensing technology, active and passive remote sensing. Active sensors emit energy in order to scan objects and areas whereupon a...