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Inpixon provides access to location tools to contain Covid-19 pandemic

Inpixon, a leading indoor data company that specializes in delivering indoor intelligence, is offering some of its location-based technology applications and services without cost or at reduced rates (depending on the solution) to healthcare providers and other organizations that are seeking solutions to assist in controlling the spread of COVID-19 or in managing the impact of the pandemic to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens.

The company’s indoor intelligence solutions can equip hospitals and other indoor spaces with a means to create situational awareness and visibility into the movement of people and equipment, identifying potential risk. The company’s technology, which consists of indoor maps, positioning tags and sensors, and analytics, can help address several critical use cases, including publishing near real-time color-coded maps for patients and staff showing quarantine vs. general population zones, closed areas; routing patients along desired paths, use intelligent indoor navigation to direct patients to particular entrances and along desired routes within the facility to help reduce exposure or congestion; and locate and visualize assets and people.

“This pandemic has swept the globe, disrupting our lives in nearly every way. It is a tragedy of immense proportion, and with so many unknowns, we want to help provide indoor spaces with the tools and technology needed to enhance visibility, manage scarce resources, and reduce unnecessary exposure,” says Inpixon CEO, Nadir Ali.
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