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Manifold Software Limited
Manifold provides the most technologically advanced GIS and spatial DBMS software tools available at the lowest prices of any commercial vendor. Product lines include Manifold System desktop GIS, enterprise GIS, GIS-enabled web servers and Internet Map Server tools, as well as Radian Studio, the world’s first and only fully automatic, fully parallel data engineering tool for GIS and spatial DBMS.

Manifold provides GIS software for individuals, organizations, consultants, developers and enterprises, ranging from casual, personal use to the largest government or commercial enterprises. The software has been designed and documented so that in most applications the average Microsoft Office “power user” can learn the product successfully from the documentation and other educational resources without need of expensive consultants or months-long courses.

Manifold products are more comprehensive with greater breadth and depth of features than provided by legacy vendors. The use of more modern technology in Manifold products provides much greater reliability, more power, greater sophistication and accuracy of algorithms and greater flexibility all at a much lower price than traditional GIS products.

Manifold products can work with hundreds of different data formats for vectors, images, rasters, web servers, and databases, handling virtually every format and data type known from commercial or open source standards. Manifold can work with many thousands of different projections, including all EPSG, to cover essentially every coordinate system used in GIS.

Manifold’s products seamlessly support both interactive use as well as scripted, programmatic use, both locally and through the web. Manifold is frequently used for applications development of virtually every imagineable kind, either standalone applications utilizing the Manifold API or web applications that are GIS-enabled using Manifold.

Manifold System can be used as a regular desktop interactive package, a runtime powering your own custom application via the API or as a web-based, server-side solution for such applications. Sophisticated installations will often combine all three types of use to suit the needs of individual users.

For example, a classic case is the use of Manifold by regional governments where typically the geospatial data is contained within a big-time DBMS like Oracle or SQL Server. A limited number of very high-value, high-expertise power users are trusted to edit that data or otherwise do sophisticated analytics and so they might use full Manifold licenses in a classic desktop setting, connecting direct to the DBMS data warehouse. Other users might have limited needs, which are primarily “view-only” or lightweight queries, such as viewing parcel maps/data which are created and maintained by the power users. Those less demanding users might interact with a web application created using Manifold IMS, which exposes the geospatial data from the DBMS in a GIS-enabled way for their viewing and use. Such users need only a free browser on their machines for an enormous cost saving.

Other users might work with custom applications such as an application running on customized field devices for data gathering or reporting which run a custom application that is GIS-enabled using a Manifold runtime via the Manifold API. In other cases there are customers running full-custom desktop applications built with the Manifold API, for example, custom oil and gas analytics, navigation display or a host of custom applications such as agriculture, wind farming analysis, radio frequency cell tower analytics, utilities, etc. – the list is endless.

Of all GIS products from any vendor or source, only Manifold provides automatic parallelism to use many CPU cores as well as automatic massively parallel use of GPGPU devices. Over eight years ago Manifold was the first company to introduce commercial applications using GPGPU massively parallel technology to accomplish in seconds what once took hours, on the desktop. Best of all, instead of costing many thousands of dollars, Manifold products typically cost under $300.

American Aerospace Technologies, Inc.
14 Union Hill Road, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
American Aerospace provides systems and services with advanced sensors and analytics on manned & unmanned aircraft for near real-time patrol, inspection and mapping applications in energy and emergency management.

Founded in 2002 and focused on UAS since 2006, American Aerospace is dedicated to creating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for civilian government and industrial customers worldwide. With roots in the space program and industrial manufacturing, we build safe, reliable and effective systems at disruptively low capital and operating costs.

At AA, we know that performing safe and successful missions is a challenge that goes beyond selecting the right air vehicle. We start with the mission, providing a comprehensive package of UAS products and services that include aircraft, sensors,mapping and data products, telemetry systems, payloads and mobile operations centers, as well as training and other services needed to stand up and conduct aviation operations utilizing unmanned aircraft.

Focused on medium altitude, long endurance civilian and industrial missions, AA sees a bright future for UAS in a wide variety of civilian applications including energy, disaster response, precision agriculture, environmental sciences, inspection of utility and rail corridors, mapping and airborne remote sensing, among many others.

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