Women of Geospatial Media and Communications

Women of Geospatial Media and Communications


Today is International Women’s day. Now, I could’ve written blogs on satellites, GPS, and blah blah, but I wanted to make this one special. So here it is. I’m dedicating this blog to all my lovely female colleagues who are empowering the organization and at the same time empowering themselves, all day everyday.

Annu Negi, Chief Operating Officer

Leading the pack is our old school head mistress. If you’re taking a longish tea break, chances are you’re in trouble. Staring at the screen, but thinking about unicorns? She’s onto you! Even the CEO thinks twice before talking to her. But beneath that tough exterior is a loving and caring soul. For folks who know her well, also know that you can go to her even if your pinky hurts and she’ll magically make it all better.

Anamika Das, Vice President, Outreach & Business Development, Market Intelligence & Business Consulting

Looking to have a movie night? This one will sit down with you for a Conjuring rerun. Heading two very critical divisions of the company, if it’s not her blood curling horror flicks that keep her up at night then it’s her work. She claims she’s a damn good cook, but the jury is still out on that cause we haven’t tasted it yet. Spiritualist at heart, she believes in good vibes and doing good to the world.

Anusuya Datta, Executive Editor (Publications)

And then there is Anusuya. When she is not behaving like a polar bear, as if the floor beneath her is a “fast-disappearing” ice block, ranting about everyone’s ‘A’s and ‘THE’s, you will catch her frantically chewing her pencils (yes, the pencil-using journalist tribe is still not extinct at GMC!) as if she hasn’t had a decent meal for days. But don’t get fooled by her teddy bear looks, she can be a real mean thing when it counts — as a journo as well as a colleague. Now if this blog disappears tomorrow, you know whom to blame.

Megha Datta, Director, Public Sector, APAC

She’s loud, she’s boisterous, and she’s not afraid to be herself ever! Our in-house diva, never gets tired of trying out something new and edgy, be it clothes, haircuts or styles. Her passion and adventurism reflects in her work, attitude and interpersonal relationships. If you’re looking for an Airbnb representative (after me), she’s the first one you’ll go to. Megha loves to go to new places, meet new people, hear their stories and share hers.  

Vaishali Dixit, Senior Manager (Business Operations)

This giggly bundle of joy is quite literally the ‘jack of all and master of all’. Always organized and super tolerant, Vaishali is a master at excel! Yes! She can probably create one in her sleep. She’s at your service as per the work requirement and self-motivated. What’s not to love?

Shipra Tripathi, Manager, HR

Anytime you want to have a special treat in the office, she’ll conjure up a ‘special day’ to be celebrated. The most approachable person after the COO, she’s like the sister you never had. Now that she’s on a maternity leave, I’m sitting and writing this blog on International Women’s Day, instead of chomping on samosas.

Sanskriti Shukla, Senior Sub Editor, Marketing Division (Yes! That’s me)

I really want to start by bragging about how I can make your words catchy, but if you’ve been reading this blog, chances are you already know. Promise me good food and a bottle of red, and I’ll pretty much follow you anywhere. When I’m not at work, I’m busy planning my next trip (it’s Pondicherry at the moment), or my wedding to my imaginary boyfriend, John Mayer.

Ishveena Singh, Senior Assistant Editor

A nomad at heart, Ishveena is passionate about travelling, taking long walks on beaches, and singing karaoke. You may have to pay for her writing skills, but sarcasm is a free service she offers. Fun fact: She has jumped from the highest bungee in India.

Meenal Dhande, Assistant Editor

Fashion is her passion

Words are her daylong obsession

Though she has a bit of aggression

But mostly lost in her own world of aspirations

‘Never give up’ is her phrase of inspiration

That’s from the horse’s mouth. I must add, our Ms. Creative is not familiar with the term ‘aggression’.  

Mahashrveta Choudhary, Assistant Video Producer

If you’re done pronouncing her name, let’s get to know her! ‘Maha’ to everyone, she’s part of the team that is responsible for the incredible videos that you see on our portal. When she’s not busy taking interviews, she loves to try her hands at photography. A poet at heart, Maha is currently trying to pick up on Urdu.  

Kuhelee Chandel, Senior Research Analyst, Market Intelligence & Business Consulting

Research is formalized curiosity, so you’ll always find her poking and prying with a purpose. If you smell anything good around the office, chances are she’s cooked something. A geology buff, Kuhelee loves to bake. Her dream job? Becoming a professional pastry chef. While it’s never too late to do what you love, she might already be a pro at it.

Jyotsana Chuchra, Senior Manager, Market Intelligence & Business Consulting division

If you know her, chances are you’ve already had hour-long discussions on agriculture, the oldest profession on earth. She switches between four modes: Mature, disciplined, independent and unpredictable. If you don’t find her on her seat, she has probably ditched work to fly a drone around crops.  

Akshithha Premshekhar, Research Analyst, Market Intelligence & Business Consulting division

The baby of the office (only cause she’s the youngest member), Akshithha believes in being herself all the time—Happy, bubbly, helpful and chirpy. She makes these awesome maps for the research reports. Someday I’m gonna learn the trick from her and take up a job as a data journalist with National Geographic.  

Ananya Narain,  Research Analyst, Market Intelligence & Business Consulting division 

Does anyone smell coffee? A true ‘Taurus’ if not by built, then by mind and soul, Ananya obsessively believes in horoscopes and the law of attraction. She tends to zone in and out of conversations and forget things so easily that it’s a miracle that the humongous amount of work she takes upon herself gets done. Our budding author is an overachiever, having already published a book (yes we don’t like her).

Sarah Hisham, Product Manager- APAC 

She’s a human computer. Want some data dug up? She already has it with her. Wanna get connected with someone, she probably already knows them. From conceptualizing conferences to writing sparkling articles, there’s nothing Sarah can’t do. And all this with her trademark shy smile, I owe you a month’s pay cheque if you catch her losing her cool ever! 

Deepali Roy, Regional Product Manager – Asia Pacific 

The hotspot to hobnob with the who’s who of the organization, Deepali is a street food junkie (but light as a feather), avid photographer, sucker for reruns of favourite TV shows and movies, and the poster child for retail therapy. Anytime you want a BIG hug, run to her.

Rashmi Singh, Junior Executive (Front Desk)

You’ll always find someone or the other begging her to ignore their late comings! Not that it really helps, behind that sweet smile is a thorough professional. Our front desk girl is not just about managing the Front Office, she’s everywhere and a multi-tasker in true sense of the word. You keep her happy and in return she’ll ensure you get good lunch in the pantry.

Rashmi Chauhan, Database Trainee

She’s the data house of the company. If you’ve lost a client’s email id or looking for old conference registrations or media database, she’s your girl. Making friends and listening to music is her hobby, and she’s a killer on the dance floor.

Exclusive inputs by Anusuya Datta, Executive Editor, Media Division