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Winners of geospatial leadership and excellence awards announced at GeoSmart India 2019

At the end of the first day of GeoSmart India 2019, winners of Geospatial Excellence and Leadership Awards have been announced.

The awards were presented by Dorine Burmanje, former Chair, Kadastre, and Usha Thorat, Chairman, Board of Governors, Foundation for Ecological Security & Former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

The 10th Rachapudi Kamaksha Memorial Award has been presented at the occasion to Ashwani Kumar Agnihotri, IIT BHU for innovative work on fluvial remote sensing and channel planform dynamics using GIS

Geospatial awards have been conferred across the following categories:-

Leading Institute in Geospatial Capacity Development

Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics has been presented with the award. The institute endeavors to impart education and training in geospatial Technologies. The programs aim to create trained professionals equipped with cutting edge technological skills. SIG has successfully identified the key needs of geospatial industry and has enriched the syllabus in terms of both theory and practical.  The courses and curriculum have been aimed to create competent and expert human resources to meet the ever-growing demand of digitization, environmental impact, GIS, map analysis, remote sensing, watershed management, photogrammetric mapping, navigation and e-governance in the country.

Leadership in Rejuvenation and Protection of the River

Ganga has been presented to National Mission for Clean Ganga. It has been recognized as India’s leading initiative in using geospatial technologies towards their river cleaning work, regulating the proposed protected and regulatory zones along the banks of the river and monitoring pollutions sources. The organization is also using cutting edge technologies like LiDAR to attain high-resolution maps and data for the entire Ganga river basin.

NMCG has built key platforms and solutions needed to support a robust Resources Management System. Initiating leading technologies and related engineering, NMCG managed to enhance the capabilities of the Indian people in responding proactively and efficiently to water scarcity situations and is constantly striving to enhance the water quality of the River Ganga.

UAV Based Mapping for Volume Calculation and Modelling of Minor and Major Minerals has been conferred to Centre for Aerospace Research (CASR) and Office of Accountant General (E&RSA), Tamil Nadu. In 2017, CASR done AG audit funded project called UAV based mapping for volume calculation and modeling of sand quarry in Neyvasal sand quarry at Cuddalore district, Tamil Naduâ. CASR has come up with various project findings i.e. sand quarry, lease boundary, coordinate miss matching mine plan, encroached in river bed, excess excavation of sand beyond the approved depth and area which was reported AG audit report titled Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on Economic Sector-2017,Tamil Nadu.

State Geographical Information System During the three years of development phase of Karnataka GIS, the Karnataka state has also developed and issued geospatial policy guidelines which enable a speedy and sustained assimilation of geospatial in the government departments, support citizen initiatives and foster further growth of geospatial based solutions.

As a result of the policy and application development efforts under the aegis of KGIS the development objectives of the program have been met. More than 18 lakhs departmental assets have been mapped. For a number of departments like Education, Health, Agriculture, Water resource their Management Information System data have been linked and integrated to spatial data. This has been extremely beneficial for the state and has helped build a robust decision support system.

Static Parking Data Pan India Project

Get My Parking has been awarded for Leading digital parking transformation initiatives, Get My Parking has been recognized as one of India’s most efficient parking apps. Get My Parking has built an IoT based platform that supports robust spatial and temporal information on designated parking areas that release in ease of traffic congestion and take the guesswork out of parking.

It is the largest aggregator and distributor of parking information in India, with comprehensive data on over 9,000 locations in more than 50 cities.

Integrated Property Validation Solution (IPVS) Solapur Municipal Corporation (SMC) has been awarded for a comprehensive geo-enabled property tax digitalization solution. SMC implemented GeoCivic IPVS, a geo-enabled Property Tax Management platform for automating and geo-enabling all aspects of property tax lifecycle. This has introduced a more transparent property tax system for the citizens with a hassle-free option to view their tax details and pay conveniently on-time. GeoCivic IPVS is based on CyberTech’s cloud-based GeoCivic® platform that provides integrated geo-enabled solution for survey, assessment and collection workflows resulting in faster approvals and improved revenue collection.

Web GIS based Land & Space Management System:  GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL), has been involved in developing India’s first Airport City (Aerotropolis) spread across 1,500 acres in its vicinity. For the development of this project, extensively large area had to be surveyed accurately in a very short duration.

the GMR Group has been recognized as one of the India’s leading Infrastructure developers in using geospatial technologies. Effective development and usage of Web GIS based Land & Space Management System for improving safety, increasing operational efficiency and enhancing informed decision making is highly insightful. The integrated system linking utility, property and other resources assisting airport authorities to manage and maintain airport resources deserves a special mention.

Satellite-Based Monitoring & Geo-tagging of Developmental Projects

Arunachal Pradesh State Remote Sensing Application Centre and Department of Planning & Investment, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, has been awarded for conceptualizing and designing a Monitoring System Platform for Arunachal Pradesh to collect, visualize and analyze the field data. This solution will bring in transparency and better accountability amongst the multiple stakeholders. Inbuilt artificial intelligence and data analytics in the Dashboard helps to trace the reasons for delay of projects. It also displays real-time information on the status of projects through android GPS enabled smartphones by capturing site images and facilitates quick decisions at all levels.

Smart Policing

The award has been presented to Kolkata Police for building key platforms and solutions needed to support a robust policing system. Initiating 3D mapping and related engineering, Kolkata Police has managed to enhance its capabilities responding proactively and efficiently to emergency situations. Kolkata police has also improved its investigator workflow, officer safety in the field, preserving evidence digitally and creating a more robust case with Visual Reality through adoption of 3D mapping with Hexagon’s RTC 360 solutions. The Kolkata Police has embraced technology that helps improve the overall quality of services delivered to its citizens and their lives by developing a citizen-welfare-centric ecosystem. By embracing technology passionately, the Kolkata Police is working towards complete transparency, responsiveness and accountability in the police ecosystem while improving the overall quality of services delivered to its citizens.

Water Management Made Easy With Drones Maharashtra

Krishna Valley Development Corporation (MKVDC) and Terra Drone has been awarded for the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation, wanted to put an end to this unaccounted for water as revenue collection is necessary for the optimal maintenance of a well-designed canal network and its minors and the client wanted to make sure no farmer was able to hinder this process. Terra Drone India carried out a UAV based topographic survey of a watershed area in Maharashtra for an area of 4,200 sq. km, mapping 1,085 village boundaries in the process. The main objective of the project was to demarcate the total area under the different types of crops to estimate accurate water taxation for that land parcel. This project addresses a critical bottleneck that most state governments still face comes in the form of unbilled consumption of water, especially in agricultural farms.

When it comes to capturing large amounts of detailed mapping data, leveraging drones makes the process exponentially faster & accurate while having a near-real-time control over irrigation rotation. Essentially, 1,085 villages and the crop boundaries therein were meticulously mapped.

Slum Titling Project has been awarded to Government of Odisha and Tata Trusts: The mission is backed by a landmark ‘Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act 2017’ that aims to assign land rights to slum dwellers in the Notified Area Council (NAC) and Municipalities. The Act covers 18 lakh people living in 3,000 slums of the state and ensures rights to slum dwellers living in small towns to 600 sq ft of land and to 450 sq ft in cities.

Inland waterways:  The Inland Waterways Authority of India has been recognized as one of the India’s leading organization in using geospatial and emerging technologies towards developing a multi-modal, integrated transport ecosystem. It includes development of fairway, multi-modal terminals, modern River Information System (RIS), strong river navigation system, Digital Global Positioning System (DGPS) and night navigation facilities for freight capacity augmentation