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Why online community is the new big thing for geospatial companies?

Why online community is the new big thing for geospatial companies?

Communities are not something new over the web – at least from geospatial perspective. In our community we see different communities going on starting from the very native discussion lists, to Google Groups and Google+ Communities and the very famous LinkedIn Groups.

And now we are seeing some thing new – community sites/ channels from companies. We have got the major companies now rolling in their communities, and the marketing teams getting involved in sharing all the PRs not only with the world wide open, but also with the close knit user community.

Online communities from major geospatail companies

I’ve come across these communities, and I am part of them (except 1, of the below for which the company declined to give me access – god knows why!). So, here are the communities, may be you are already a member or you might want to enter!

> Bentley Communities – Available at https://communities.bentley.com

> Esri – GeoNet Communityhttps://geonet.esri.com/welcome

> Hexagon Geospatial Communityhttps://community.hexagongeospatial.com

> Trimble Communityhttps://community.trimble.com

> Schneider Electric Exchange – ArcFM GIS Communityhttps://infrastructurecommunity.schneider-electric.com/community/support/gis

Your views on online communities

So, are you an active member of these communities? Then I have these questions for you –

> Why another community – when discussions groups exist on LinkedIn with professionals in it?

> What advantage does these communities provide to you?

> What kind of updates are you expecting from here, apart from regular PR stuff and news updates?

> How many communities have you joined in total?

> How active are you in each of the communities you’ve joined?

I look forward to know from you, as I have asked in my opening line – Why communities once again? This will help me to bring before the readers view – not just mine, but ours.