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Which hosting service should I choose?

Hosting your website isn’t the most straightforward thing on earth. There are hundreds of hosting services available, and each of them presents different options for different customers. It can get incredibly confusing surprisingly fast so how can you decide which hosting service is best for you?

To help you decide we’ve come up with some things to take into consideration when choosing a hosting service that suits your needs.

Speed, security, support: These three words should be easy enough to remember when it’s time to choose. Life and the internet are getting more and more fast-paced as we speak. Your hosting provider has to give you the speed you need to keep up with everything with no time lost or at least as little as possible. Slow speed is cumbersome and a true nuisance, so you have to look for speed.

There’s no point of speed, if your site is not secure. Security is essential because you have customer or client information on it, credit card numbers, and a host of information that you are responsible for to guard. Without proper security, you’re liable to get into huge problems that neither you nor your business will be able to recover from.

Online is a 24/7 deal. Online businesses are continuously working in gaining traffic to their site, writing content, reaching out to customers and receiving feedback among many other tasks they need to do. When glitches happen or a system down for any reason, you have to get the technical support to bring it back up and running as quickly as possible and the ability to talk to a real person at the time of need.

Assess your needs: Really assess what you need your site to do. Running a business online is different than having a blog, for example. A blog will not need as many features as you would need to run a business. In choosing a service, it’s often like most any other thing we buy, and the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does kick in. But even the quality of the basics might depend on how much you pay. To try and put down the price for less, you can purchase coupons for Bluehost services which will better serve your budget and your needs. Also, take into account the future growth of your business. If things are going slow now, they could easily pick up in a short time, so you want a provider that will offer features that you can upgrade to at a later stage.

Storage and bandwidth: The amount of traffic you will be expecting, times the amount of data storage will determine the bandwidth that suits you. A site that relies more on text needs less bandwidth than a site that also depends on images and videos. In most cases, a new business will do well with the bandwidth the host will offer.

Free, Shared or Private?  

Free web hosting, while it’s tempting, for obvious reasons, is hardly ever recommended. First off, you really don’t own your own site. Second, no money will always mean no support, so you’re on your own when things go wrong. Third, they will also have limited bandwidth and storage. Fourth, you have no say in ads and they can be placed anywhere.

Shared sites can be a good option for small to medium-sized businesses. Because it’s shared, this will cut down your costs. Unlike free hosting, the service provides you with support. Most of them will have package deals you can choose from, and do offer scalable and ample features.

Private sites might be needed when your business witnesses a spike in site traffic. That’s good, but it can mean that free or shared hosting will not be able to manage and handle the increased traffic. You might need more bandwidth and more features, so this is why business owners prefer private sites from the beginning or upscale at the time they need it.

Extra features: What makes one provider stand out from another are the extra features and add-ons they offer. Extra features should extend into an email, type of hardware they use, domain privacy, and data backup to mention a few things. Besides features, you also would want to know if the hosting server offers packages that allow for running multiple websites on a single web hosting account.

Do Your Homework

Check on the reputation of the provider and see what current customers are saying. That will help you form an opinion. Getting a hosting service for your websites shouldn’t be confusing or frustrating so this brief understanding will help you decide on the hosting service that is best for you and your business.