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Where Can I Learn About AI?

Over the years I’ve gone from virtually little knowledge on AI to a pretty robust understanding after studying a some key materials and learning from a few people on the topic. There is so much available on AI if you want to learn. But I’ll tell you about a few resources here to save you some time. Where Can You Learn More About AI? Let’s go..


Here are a couple great courses for the beginner – if you’re just kicking the tires on AI.

AI For Everyone by deeplearning.ai – you can find this one either on their website or Coursera.com. Highly recommend this one as it’s conducted by Andrew Ng, a pioneer and leader in AI and machine learning.

Also check out Andrew and deeplearning’s newsletter. Can’t miss.

Elements of AI – this one is in conjunction with a group called Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. Informative, interactive, and free. Can’t beat that.

AI Business School – This is Microsoft’s great introduction to AI. It of course has a distinct Microsoft preference to it, but very educational, nonetheless.


You’re darn right I said books – put your phone down and read a book, man!

Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction – by Tom Taulli

So, this is a great one for those of us that have non-technical backgrounds and need a detailed explanation of the basics.

The author does a tremendous job tackling every angle of AI and surrounding topics. The book has everything from the fundamentals all the way to larger questions about AI and its place in the world.

“Google, Amazon, Facebook, and similar tech giants are far from the only organizations on which artificial intelligence has had and will continue to have an incredibly significant result. AI is the present and the future of your business as well as your home life.”

Superintelligence – by Nick Bostrom

Speaking of AI’s place in the world, this is tremendous read on where it has been, and particular the author’s idea on where AI is going.

Superintelligence asks a lot of the questions I see every day from the general public: what happens when machines surpass humans in general intelligence? Will artificial agents save or destroy us?

This book lays the foundation for understanding what the future may look like. You might keep this one on the shelf until you’re built your baseline AI knowledge first, then, have at it.


The AI Today Podcast – The geniuses over at Cognilytica publish a ton of great AI content for everyone, and their podcast is no different.

Quick, and with great industry guests…you’re guaranteed to learn a lot. They are true thought-leaders and AI evangelists.

Allie K. Miller – Amazon’s Head of AI Growth, Startups, and VC

Allie is a great follow for AI, but also in general for great, uplifting content. You’re guaranteed to learn, starting with her pinned tweet.

Lex Fridman – MIT Researcher

Lex is an AI researcher in human-centered AI, autonomous driving, and deep learning. His produces a ton of great AI content as well as a cool podcast as well.


Ok, that should get your started and fill up your learning schedule for a couple months. Get ready to get as “AI-ready” as possible. Stay open-minded. bStay patient and enjoy the AI Journey..

Over the last few weeks I’ve done this AI FAQ Series on different AI topics and questions. Check out this link here to see some of the past pieces.

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