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‘What was’ to ‘What will be’ – Bridging the Digital Divide with 5D Digital Reality

Locations are more than points on a map – they can deliver vast amounts of intelligence. For any given location, using sensors, organizations can capture real-time information with respect to what is happening.

5D Digital Reality

Terabytes of location information are being broadcast from everywhere continuously, yet very little is being leveraged to gain insights into what is happening. The need of the hour is to discover the rich potential of 5D location intelligence and understand how easy it is to gain situational awareness of what’s happening now, and more importantly what could be, should be, and ultimately, what will be. There needs to be synergy between location and intelligence for effective decision-making.

Hexagon Geospatial, a leading global provider for geospatial solutions, helps organizations make sense of the dynamically changing world. Hexagon Geospatial’s comprehensive range of solutions integrates sensors, software, domain knowledge, and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems that deliver actionable information, aiding a broad range of vital industries. In India, it is at the forefront of implementation of geospatial technologies.

Combining Luciad’s innovation with Hexagon’s software stack, Hexagon Geospatial is now ready to handle today’s smart nation, smart city, and smart site challenges. Hexagon Geospatial’s vision is to enable users to deliver smart real-time location intelligence solutions, by providing them the world’s most comprehensive software platform that fuses data analytics and visualization.

Know how integration of location intelligence and spatial analytics leads to informed decisions

Future Ready

In the next three to five years, advances in sensors will enable autonomous systems that will help us understand and respond better to changes in the environment, and to engage in a broader variety of tasks. 5D location intelligence will create safer, sustainable cities and an environment where whatever questions you have the answer is there, visually present in the system. The future is going to be brighter with smarter systems.

To help businesses understand how they can harness the full capabilities of 5D location intelligence and accelerate their digital maturity, Hexagon Geospatial is organizing seminars around the country in the following cities: Lucknow, Vijaywada, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Raipur. By joining these customer-focused events, businesses can discover the potential of 5D location intelligence, how to utilize new technologies, and embrace the shift from static information to 5D information, through platforms such as enterprise, cloud, 3D analytics, and dashboards. As more and more organizations explore Hexagon Geospatial’s Smart Digital Reality concept and unveil new mechanisms of working smart in real-time using location intelligence, the world will witness easier solutions for the impending challenges in times to come.

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