Webinar Presentation

About the Webinar

There is a sudden buzz of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning taking control over human intelligence. For some of you these words are still unknown, and for some the impact is unknown. And for the geospatial community, understanding how and where AI will take over is yet to be clearly known.

Geospatial Media is proudly bringing this engaging webinar for the benefit of GIS professionals, that will provide an overview. This 101 Webinar will look into:

Agenda for the webinar

  • What is Deep Learning and how it has quickly evolved as a new computing paradigm?
  • General applications of Deep Learning
  • Applications of Deep Learning in GIS (In areas such as Poverty prediction, Epidemic spread prediction, Disaster Mitigation, Afforestation, Crop yield prediction, Agri-Insurance etc.).
  • Technical challenges of implementing AI
  • Societal challenges of taking AI forward


Sundara R Nagalingam
Head – Deep Learning practice
NVIDIA Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

Prof. Arup Dasgupta
Managing Editor – Geospatial World
Geospatial Media and Communications