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Waiting to fly drones in India? It might take a bit long.

Looking at a wide range of services offered by drones government of India amended drone policy in August this year. The new framework was supposed to be in action from 1st December but the wait is going to be longer. 

There is a bad news for drone enthusiasts and technology companies in India as wait for them to fly drones in the sky is going to be longer than December 1. Reasons behind this are incomplete framework and Digital Sky platform, responsible for managing drone operations.

A senior government official stated to The Economic Times that  “it is highly unlikely that we will be able to launch the framework and from December 1 due to various reasons, including not being able to create the Digital Sky platform for the launch of drone operations.”

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There are several reasons behind the delay. After the announcement was made, government officials received more than 500 queries upon tender and answering them was time taking along with it Supreme Court as well barred use of Aadhar for authentication.

As per new policy, every drone flyers have to take permission for every flight after registering their device. For the same, the Airport Authority of India has issued a tender and the last date of its submission was 4 November and this has now been extended to 14 November.

Looking at the drone revolution around the world, India announced and revamped its drone policy named Drone Regulations 1.0 to safeguard the commercial use of the drones.  Before that drones were ban by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Only defense forces, law-enforcement agencies, and some selected government companies were allowed to fly drones. But looking at the usefulness of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture, wildlife surveillance, monitoring of railway tracks, disaster support etc. the government drafted a whole new policy.  As per the new policy, drones have been categorized into five different groups e.g. nano, micro, small, medium and large depending upon their weight.

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Nano drones are less them 250 gm, micro ranges between 250 Gm to 2 Kg, small are of 2 Kg to 25 Kg, drones of 25 kg to 150 are medium drones whereas those more than 150 kg are large drones.

As per the government estimate, there are approximately 40 40,000 drones in the country and in next five years, the number is expected to touch 1 million which in return will increase the number of drone pilots by 1,000 and drone manufacturers and operators by 100,000.

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