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Trimble X7 offers unmatched laser scanning experience

Trimble X-7
Trimble X-7

Laser scanning is fast emerging as a vital technology in a lot of industries other than surveying. Trimble, which is known for its state-of-the-art solutions, has yet again come up with a formidable product, the X7 3D laser scanning system, which enables swift capturing of precise 3D scanning data for generating high-quality deliverables. The scanner is quite versatile in its functionality — it supports surveying, construction, industrial and forensic applications.

The Trimble X7 has a variety of features, some of which are first-in-segment. These include simple and streamlined workflows to provide automatic registration of point cloud data in the field with Trimble Registration Assist; eliminate the need for annual calibration with Smart Trimble X-Drive technology to; and survey-grade self-leveling to ensure consistent data quality. The scanner comes with a Microsoft Windows-based Trimble T10 ruggedized tablet for control and project visibility, along with a backpack and a lightweight tripod for portability.

Multiple applications

The X7 provides efficient performance both indoors and outdoors. It is also perfectly suited for industrial survey/tank calibration, civil infrastructure, general surveys, road intersection surveys, utilities, mining and historical documentation and renovation. Its integration with Trimble Perspective software allows capturing of scans and images that can be refined and exported to a variety of software suites.

The scanner can also be effectively used to build models for BIM, providing utility for building extensions, conversions and inspection of facades and elevations. In industrial surveying, it allows scans to be geo-referenced to a plant coordinate system so that they can match with CAD design models by surveying the plants scanned. In Civil Infrastructure, create as-built documentation for drawings or models for bridges, tunnels, dams, etc. Use scan information in clearance calculations, modeling, inspections, renovations, and expansion work.

Faster data transfer and analysis

Another feature that makes X-7 special is the in-built Trimble RealWorks software that enables fast data transfer for users to import point cloud data and then process, analyze and create high-quality customer deliverables. Realworks has automated tools for registration that improve work efficiency with the help of specially designed processing equipment.

“The Trimble X7 delivers high-speed 3D laser scanning with intuitive workflows and unique technologies automating critical steps, which improves efficiency and productivity,” says Gregory Lepere, Marketing Director, Optical and Imaging, Trimble Geospatial.

“The X7 is a useful, everyday tool because it doesn’t require scanning expertise to operate. It opens the door for more construction, surveying, industrial and forensics professionals to confidently capture and deliver scan data and realize a faster return on investment,” Lepere adds.