Training National Mapping Agencies to be effective ? Why, When and Where?

Training National Mapping Agencies to be effective ? Why, When and Where?


National Mapping Agencies are playing a major role in sector that contributes to nation’s economy such as agriculture, land, mining, infrastructure, electricity, etc.

We generally perceive these geospatial mapping agencies as digital map producers, but in true sense they are engines for development of economy. They provide the nation with geospatial data, map content aided solutions and services by using technology.

While the private industry is fully geared by for providing geospatial data and services to the clients, the role of authoritative data in various national initiatives cannot be overlooked. So, it is important for national mapping organisations to gear up to be more effective and meet future demands and challenges they face.

To address those challenges, and enable the agencies to be more efficient, Geospatial Media along with UN-GGIM and GEO Secretariat is organising a 3 day training program for national geospatial agencies from 18-21 May, as part of Geospatial World Forum.

Geospatial Training program for national geospatial agencies and organisations

The training program agenda covers:

– Technology Advancements in Observation and Mapping of Dynamically Changing World
– Stakeholders Engagement and Participation in National Geospatial Strategy
– Capacity Development and Management Strategies
– Guidelines for Implementation Empowering Geospatial Policies
– Establishment of National Geospatial Information Infrastructure and Capacities
– Evolving Role of Geospatial Agencies in Economy and Society
– Emerging Service-delivery Models for Development, Management and Dissemination of Geospatial Information

If you are interested in attending the training program, please visit the training for national mapping agencies information page.

For registration to this session, please write to me at megha [at] geospatialmedia [dot] net or drop in a comment below.