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Top tech skills you should learn by 2020

The joy of watching your business grow doesn’t necessarily have to be encouraging all the time. It is more likely to be disheartening, especially when you are in a situation which calls for you and your staff. Indeed, the demand for experienced techies have never been so high, and businesses irrespective of the size are struggling hard to keep up with an ever-growing backlog of projects.

There is no denying in the fact that products or more importantly, the capabilities required to build these kinds of products beyond the dreams just a few years ago are now commonplace realities. And trust me the rate at which technology is evolving only seems to be getting faster at an exponential pace. So, you have no other option left other than pursuing all the emerging tech skills which are more likely to be in talks by 2020 and all the upcoming years. Folks, it’s time to buckle up yourself directly to the 5th gear. Always remember you may not be able to make a big leap towards your goal today, but these little steps will definitely take you to the finishing line one day.

Tech is something that cannot be narrowed down to bits and pieces; I mean there are a variety of directions you can fly towards. Let’s get acquainted with these directions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By now I am pretty sure I do have all your eyes. While artificial intelligence is the acronym that has been a consistent trend for several years now, irrespective of the industry whether its entertainment, healthcare or any other. AI pertains to machines designed to act intelligently like humans. According to the current scenario, workloads are increasing high year after year. The scramble is to develop programs that automate the more time-consuming, menial duties. Enters our hero- AI, it frees up employees so that they can focus on more consequential responsibilities.

A few facts to consider

  • Around $100,000 to $150,000 for an AI programmer and $171,715 for an AI engineer
  • Since 2013, the amount of jobs requiring AI skills has multiplied by 4.5
  • Gartner predicts the business value created by AI will be at $3.9T in 2022.

Where to learn: Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence

The course covers a basic introduction of mastering in AI, and here, you will be able to learn all the skills needed to build deep learning models for AI solutions that exhibit human-like behavior and intelligence. Right from introduction to mastery of skills to hands-on labs, assessment that aren’t limited to memorization- the ones which require some kind of deep understanding, etc., you will learn it all!

Machine Learning (ML)

Many of you have this misconception that artificial intelligence and machine learning are the same. As to not muddy the water, let’s start by explaining the relationship between the two. According to Tom Mitchell, Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to improve through experience automatically. Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to train the computers so that computers can do things which at present human can do better. Machine learning involves the learning of profitable skills such as Siri, Alexa, chatbots, predictive analysis, self-driving cars, and the list goes on.

Much like AI, even Ml can be applied to every industry ranging from healthcare to education, finance and what not! You can tweak by using machine learning skills to a role that suits your personality and interests.

A few facts to consider

  • A machine learning engineer can earn around $143K and more
  • According to sources, in the year 2016- 550 AI/machine learning startups received $5 billion as funding
  • The best part of this fuss around is Netflix uses machine learning to make recommendations to its users
  • Also, 4,000 open positions listed on LinkedIn, Go for it!

Where to learn it: Machine Learning on Coursera

The course covers around an extended intro where you will get to learn about the entire workflow featuring neural networks, statistical pattern recognition, deep learning, unsupervised learning, anomaly detection, recommender systems, and more. The course also covers supervised and unsupervised learning and modeling to develop algorithms.


Data breaches, cybercrimes have grabbed the headlines lately across the globe like never before. As a result, both businesses and consumers are seen bit worrisome about companies accessing their data. Keeping networks secure has now become paramount. Data breaches can be massive especially in regards to costly for the company to recover from. Some of the famous companies hacked over a past few years include Sony, LinkedIn, Chipotle and so forth.

First and foremost, it is very important to know that cybersecurity isn’t all about firewalls. Instead of recognizing potential fraudsters and intellectual property, thieves are of equal importance as well. Fortunately, there are ways through which you can broaden your views; for example- Cybrary, Udemy, and Lynda. Apart from this, you can also think of participating in different hacking contests and white-hat security events. Now I have come across many of you who try to impress their prospective employees by infiltrating their network uninvited; it might be unwelcoming. Instead, what you can do is prove that you have a better understanding of the holistic nature cybersecurity.

A few facts to consider

  • A cybersecurity professional can earn around 94,981/year
  • The top-paying IT certifications are focused on security
  • Talent is expected to reach 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2022–tripling from 2017.

Where to learn it: Essentials of Cybersecurity on edX

Right from the fundamentals of networks to system administrations, how to migrate vulnerabilities, perform digital forensic analysis, risk assessment, everything is included in the course. It is, indeed, a professional certified program.

UI/UX Design

Being a part of the same family, UX and UI are way different from each other. User Interface to make the product visually appealing whereas user experience emphasizes on enhancing the overall experience a user can have with your website or a mobile app. In tandem with web development, web design plays a crucial role. Are you someone who is a rare combination of creativity and analytical approach? If so, this area is the best career choice for you.

A few facts to consider

  • 87% of managers surveyed by Adobe said hiring more UX designers is the #1 priority for their organization.
  • There are 14,000 UX designer jobs in the United States alone (and 24,000 in Europe).
  • UX and UI designers have many specific tools of the trade–like these design programs.

Where to learn it: User Experience Design Fundamentals on Udemy

The course covers all the critical elements of user experience–strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and surface. Learn the basics (e.g., what UX design is and why it’s essential), strategy/theory (e.g., use of color and typography), and implementation where you will learn about creating wireframes.

Note: This is a guest blog by Harley Marsh, who is a technology observer at eTatvasoft