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These new products by Planet will help you see the world in a better way

To change the world, we need to see it from above where real-time and a good resolution satellite imagery plays an important role. They help to see where the changes are occuring and where the problem areas are. Smallsat company Planet with its revolutionary satellites just like size of matchbox is helping a lot in that. In a recent event Explore 19, Planet co-founder and CEO Will Marshall uncovered the latest product that customers can look forward to in the next year. Let’s have a look at them.

Planet Monitoring

Planet has launched monitoring solution PlanetScope powered by latest iteration of SuperDove. New sensors of it will enable higher image quality with sharper, more vibrant colors and accurate surface reflectance values for advanced algorithms and time-series analysis. The Next-Generation PlanetScope is interoperable with publicly available imagery, like Copernicus Sentinel-2, empowering customers to utilize PlanetScope data with other sensors to enhance their analyses with higher spatial and temporal resolution.

Currently, PlanetScope imagery has four spectral bands that is red, green, blue, and near-infrared. Planet is planning to add more spectral bands in future for new applications and use cases. Next Generation Planetscope includes 4-band, 5-band and 8-band PlanetScope imagery powered by SuperDove. Customers can get access to this new 4-band PlanetScope imagery as part of an Early Access Program later in 2019, with 5-band and 8-band imagery made available in early 2020.

Planet Tasking – 50 cm SkySat

Planet’s highest resolution yet: 50cm SkySat imagery is the new in kitty. It has been designed with purpose to build future capability by lowering the orbit of an existing SkySat and improve image processing to deliver 50 cm data. This new data prove beneficial for sectors like energy, mining, finance, and security, which require ultra-fine resolution to distinguish objects and features. This will available for use by first half of 2020.

Planet Analytic Feeds

Planet Analytic Feeds use computer vision to automatically identify features of interest in Planet Basemaps and PlanetScope scenes. Till yet it helped customers to enhance their imagery products by adding Road Detection, Building Detection, or Vessel Detection Feeds. The next phase of analytic capabilities will add a whole new usability helping customers to focus their resources on where change has recently occurred.

For beta release at the end of this year, Change Detection Feeds will allow customers to automatically detect change at global scale and rapid frequency an unmatched capability. It will allow to see where the change has occurred so that they can focus on it.

Planet Orbit

To help bring these new product capabilities to market, Will announced Planet Orbit, the revamp of their partner program that will help fuel customer success. Planet Orbit provides partners access to geospatial data unavailable elsewhere in the commercial market, and helps them to grow their business through trainings, tools, joint market activities, strategic collaboration, and more.

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