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The lifeless Maps!

Just some time ago, someone from Sudan wrote to us asking for a detailed street map of Khartoum, Sudan. I pointed out them to the most detailed, powerful yet easily accessible – The Google Maps!

As I started to gaze onto the map to understand the geography, it suddenly seemed to me as if the Maps are lifeless. I can see those cars onto the roads, but can’t see them moving! Isn’t this still, in a digital sense?

While the only way we can see live traffic data is through traffic cams, embedded as YouTube/ video push-pins that are as per Google’s terms, this should indeed be moving towards sci-fi.

We have launched the satellites that can get us videos, but how about making that data available on Google Maps? Such technology is beyond science fiction! So, if I want to kill this boringness of static maps, imagine the roads, showing live moving cars, a flood on river shown live etc. So, Can we see things moving on Google Maps anytime soon?

This message is not for extraterrestrials, so give your views fellow humans!