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The incredible leaders of geospatial industry and their inspiring journeys

Having been associated with geospatial community for two decades, I feel highly blessed and fortunate to have pursued my professional journey with an ever-exciting group of people who have made difference to our society through their knowledge, passion, quest, leadership, acumen, humility and endeavors.

Understanding Mother Earth and its relationship with the universe has been a quest of human beings since time immemorial. However, using geography as language of communication and engagement has been a phenomenon of probably the past one century and today it has evolved to be an integral part of almost every human activity. This has been weathered through social, intellectual and economic processes, led by consistent and undeterred pursuant, developing fundamental pillars, structures and axis around which geospatial industry revolves today.

Tracing pursuits of those who got triggered by something unusual and believed in inner sense, it is quite obvious to get influenced by each one of them in different yet connected manner. They have followed different paths, beliefs and practises, yet combined value of their journey has very much culminated in limitless value and opportunities for geospatial professionals and industry.


Owing our existence and relevance to geospatial phenomenon and its leadership, Geospatial Media team takes pride in being instrumental to bring forward the exciting journeys of these leaders whose dreams, wisdom, agility, and leadership shaped our future. Thought of Geospatial Hall of Fame is being driven with rationale and gratitude to recognize and cherish stories of these personalities whom we feel indebted to. I am confident these stories would offer inspiration and encouragement to next generations in pursuing their quest.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and complements to the Geospatial Hall of Fame leaders for having been very kind in sharing their wonderful journey with our team. It has been an inspiring experience and personal privilege to be part of this historical effort. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to International Advisory Board of Geospatial Media and Communications for their continued guidance and supervision. I would also like to put on records my appreciation for the Media and Public Relations Division of Geospatial Media, who have displayed great team efforts in putting together a wonderful journey of founders of geospatial industry.