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Esri India UC 2019 to focus on GIS for ‘New India’

The central government’s ‘New India’ vision is a movement to transform the nation by 2022. It is a novel initiative that envisions an India which is clean, healthy, secure, inclusive and robust.

The government has designed several plans like Digital India, Smart Cities and Skill Development to create a sustainable base for taking this development into the next decade. Geospatial technology provides real-time data and an efficient processing system that facilitates effective, efficient and informed decision-making. Integration of geospatial technology in the ‘New India’ vision will enable the development of applications that have the potential to revolutionize workflows across industries.

Keeping this in view, the Esri India User Conference (UC) 2019 has designed its theme “GIS — Creating Vision for a New India” with an aim to explore how the nation can leverage GIS (Geographic Information System) and other technologies to shape the vision.

The Esri UC is the biggest gathering of GIS professionals united by a common goal of making our world a better place through innovative applications of GIS technology. Esri GIS users from across sectors gather to learn, network and share their experiences. This is ‘THE’ conference to discover what’s new in GIS technology & data; network with your peers; and stay connected to this exciting & vibrant industry.

Like every year, this year too, the User Conference experience is reaching out to three cities of India – Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi National Capital Region. In the conference, leading Esri and industry experts will showcase innovative, real-world GIS applications.

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A 3 city conference, Esri India UC 2019 is an excellent opportunity to explore how GIS helps to meet some of the greatest challenges India is facing today. The conference gives an exciting prospect to learn first-hand knowledge about the latest advances in Esri technology, build GIS expertise and skills in technology sessions and discover how to maximize current GIS investments and resources.

It gives an opportunity to network with more than 2500 GIS professionals from multiple industries. It is also an excellent platform to get inspired through thought provoking keynotes, user experiences and case studies from leading industry and GIS experts and enhance the understanding of GIS through industry sessions, technology exposition, demos, discussions, paper presentations and much more.

There will be various plenary talks, user speak as well as in focused sessions to enhance the knowledge of geospatial technologies and its role in nation building. Let’s have a close look at various sessions.

User Speak

User speak session will give platform to users to share their success story with the world. Topics of user speak are:  disaster and emergency Management, natural resource and environment management, new advances in geospatial Technology, integrated Workflows, retail manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, real estate, smart cities and utility. 

Imagery summit

With the title “Imagery – Where GIS Success Begins” the session is dedicated to enhance the knowledge of how remote sensing can bring a new understanding of the world within the framework of a modern GIS. In this session attendees can discover how the ArcGIS Imagery Platform, ENVI and SARScape can help to harness this tsunami of geospatial information to drive success with your GIS. This session will be organized in Hyderabad on August 20, and in Gurugram on August 28-29, 2019.

Developer Summit

The Esri India Developer Summit is designed to show how to build cutting-edge apps using advanced mapping technology. The summit has everything one needs to know for building next-generation apps with advanced mapping and analysis tools from Esri. The summit will take place in Gurugram on August 28-29, 2019.

WhereNext Summit

Scheduled in Gurugram on August 28-29, WhereNext Summit is designed to discover how business organizations are using location intelligence to gain a competitive edge. The Summit is designed for strategy and planning heads, director, program manager of BI, analytics head, supply chain heads, technology and innovation heads, IT heads, CIOs, CTOs, etc.

Solution Demo Theater

In Hyderabad and Gurugram there will be solution demo theatre where one can experience innovative GIS technology solutions across a wide array of themes, such as Drones, IoT, Mobile, Machine Learning, Real-time analytics and more. The platform is the best place to discover how the latest technology will transform your GIS workflows and help to overcome challenges.

Education Forum

Education Forum is a platform where academia and industry will get together to discuss on how to bridge the palpable demand-supply gap and promote GIS skilling for the youth. Here attendees can learn why skilling is critical for the New India, how Industry and academia can work together for capacity building, and how universities are collaborating with Esri India to impart geospatial education to help industry overcome the talent deficit in GIS.

Geospatial Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summit

The intersection of AI and GIS is creating massive opportunities that impossible before. AI, machine learning, and deep learning are giving a better understanding of the world. Esri India Geospatial Data Science and AI Summit gives an opportunity to learn how one can combine spatial analysis and data science together through ArcGIS Notebooks and apply AI effectively with GIS to discover newer insights for decision making.