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The crux of US geospatial industry – 8 facts for you!


Our colleague at Geospatial Media, Akanksha has been actively looking at the US geospatial industry for some time. She did a great compilation on key statistics related to the industry from various sources and published as an infographic in GeoBuiz Summit 2016 – Introductory brochure. Download the brochure to access the infographic in PDF format.

Infographic featuring US Geospatial Industry

Infographic - How big is the US Geospatial Industry?

Here is a summary of the same featuring the revenue generated by US geospatial industry, revenues from geospatial services, economic benefits and job market scenarios.

$690 million

Economic benefits of 3D data in US is estimated on 690 million per year

$73 billion

Geospatial industry generated $73 billion in revenue in 2011 and helped generate $1.6 trillion in revenue for the rest of the US economy

$1.6 trillion

Geospatial services companies drive $1.6 trillion in revenues and $1.4 trillion in cost savings throughout the U.S. economy

Job growth of 16% to 35%

The GIS- related jobs in the US for the period 2010 to 2020 was set for growth of between 16% and 35%


The US geospatial industry employs at least 500,000 ‘high wage’ geo-related jobs

10 percent

Economic impact of geospatial services in marketing, logistics, and strategic decision-making will increase by at least 10 percent/ year over the next five years

$835 million

In North America, revenues are forecasted to grow from US$ 835 million in 2012 to about US$ 1,295 million by 2017

$100 billion

Geospatial services will approach $100 billion in annual revenues in the next five years

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