Texas house demolition: Who was responsible?

Texas house demolition: Who was responsible?


The bizarre incident of a house demolition in Texas has landed a demolition company in a soup this week. According to a report, the Seagoville town based Billy L. Nabors Demolition company tore down a wrong home on Tuesday, because Google Maps took them to the wrong address.

A home at 7601 and 7603 Calypso Drive in Rowlett, Texas, was brought down, when instead it was supposed to be a house at 7601 Cousteau Drive, one block away, that was to become rubble.

When it mistakenly torn down a house on the pretext of having found a wrong address on Google Maps. That’s not it, to add insult to the injury, a company employee then messaged the house owners a screenshot of Google Maps pointing at the wrong house.

Though the company later realised its mistake and promised the house owners to “work to make it right.” But the question arises, if the argument stands correct to any point?

Since demolition is a part of civic department, the demolition company, in this case, should have got the maps from govt agencies maps. But they didn’t. There could be several reasons behind this. Most often government departments don’t have updated maps. Once a department gets it made for some reason, they don’t share it with other departments. As a result, most departments don’t have updated maps. Thus, when needed, they all rely on Google Maps or private mapping agencies, which is dangerous. But Mapping how dependable are these maps? Mapping companies like Google Maps, HERE and others, often update their maps on the basis of information they received receive through crowdsourcing.